• Participants

    Cross-functional cooperation is essential to build diverse companies.

    Thus OPEN Conference is designed for:


    The business case and helicopter view on diversity as a whole, thought-provoking discussions, peer diversity champions, insights on inclusive leadership, and inspiration for various company functions will await you.

    HR Decision Makers

    Best practices from the most influential HR professionals, peers from an international audience, eye-opening fireside chats, widely adaptable ideas and insights into how other corporate functions can cooperate towards diversity will await you.

    Executive Sponsors of Diversity

    The international forum of diversity champions, best practices from diversity advocate global companies covering a wide variety of topics (LGBTQ people, women, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities at the workplace), decision makers from different functions and easily adaptable creative ideas will await you.

    Marketing Decision Makers

    The business case for diversity marketing, insights into gaining a better understanding of who you miss out on by overlooking diversity, inspiring ideas from creative minds, and a chance to be a pioneer on your market will be there for you.

    Communications Decision Makers

    Thought-provoking fireside chats and powerful media personalities gather to collect insights from. You will have chance to re-shape your messages, act as a drive of cross-functional cooperation, thus increasing employee satisfaction, the effectiveness of employer branding and corporate reputation.

    Employee Resource Group Members

    As the engine of an open corporate culture, you will benefit from understanding how each corporate functions can help you with your mission. Additionally, you will see best practices from diversity champion companies on how they leverage their resource groups to build openness.

    NGOs, Academics

    OPEN welcomes representatives of NGOs, academics as well as policy makers. If you are unsure about the relevance of the conference for you, do not hesitate to ask our team.